The secretariat joined Trocaire on the Participatory Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments and Baseline validation exercises in Machinga, Balaka, and Chikwawa Districts ahead of the start of the new initiative called Climate Challenge Programme Malawi (CCPM). The aim of the exercise was to validate the findings of the baseline and the PVCA which were done in the districts; introduce the advocacy partners to the implementing partners and the communities in the project; and to identify advocacy issues from the communities. Members will be engaged in due course to validate and join the secretariat and Trocaire and CADECOM in advocating for the various issues emanating from the Programme.


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held an extraordinary session of climate negotiations in Bangkok from 3rd to 9th September. As a signatory to the UNFCCC, Malawi through ActionAid Malawi in collaboration with CISONECC and ICAD organised a media briefing at Action Aid offices on Saturday, 8th September. The aim of the meeting was to mobilize, raise voices on key issues to ensure climate justice and that the rights of vulnerable people, particularly women and the young people are protected. The meeting provided a platform for young people and women to engage with the media to highlight the need for climate policies and climate finance that can bring about climate justice.


To coordinate civil society organisations and influence a desired change in climate change and disaster risk management-related policies, practices and attitudes through research, advocacy, model projects, networking and capacity building.
A coordinated approach to building climate change resilient communities and ecosystems in Malawi.

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