Church Action in Relief and Development CARD P.O. Box 2733, Blantyre
Centre for Environmental Policy Advocacy CEPA Plot No.LK 388, Glyn Jones Rd, Namiwawa, Box1057, Blantyre.
Action Aid International Malawi AAIM P.O. Box 30735, Lilongwe 3. 01759 861/ 9
Action by Churches Together Alliance Malawi Forum   NCA Office, Lilongwe  
CARE, Malawi   P/ Bag A89, Lilongwe.
Catholic Development Commission in Malawi CADECOM Catholic Secretariat, Box 30384, Lilongwe  
Christian Aid   Area 14 P/Bag B369 Lilongwe 3
Civil Society Agriculture Network, CISANET CISANET Nurses & Midwife Council Building, Box 203, Lilongwe
Clinton Development Initiative CDI Private Bag 68, Lilongwe.  
Citizen for Justice CFJ Post Dot Net, Box X100, Crossroads, Lilongwe  
United Purpose UP Box 1535, Blantyre
Coordination Union for the Rehabilitation of the Environment CURE Box 2916, Blantyre
Coordination Union for the Rehabilitation of the Environment CURE Box 2916, Blantyre
Dan Church Aid DCA P/ Bag 282, Lilongwe.  
Development Fund Malawi DF Mtunthama Drive P/Bag B495, Lilongwe 3  
Evangelical Association of Malawi EAM Box 30296, Lilongwe 3  
Evangelical Lutheran Development Services ELDS P/Bag 25, Lilongwe  
Farmers Union of Malawi FUM Box 30457, Lilongwe  
Globe Hope Mobilization GLOHOMO Box 444, Lilongwe  
Living Waters Church Radio   Box 293, Blantyre  
Norwegian Church Aid NCA Box 30793, Lilongwe 3  
OXFAM   P/Bag B331, Lilongwe 3  
Network for Youth Development (NFYD) NFYD Box E71, Post Dot Net, Blantyre  
SCOPE Malawi SCOPE Area 6  
CICOD CICOD Box 20355, Lilongwe  
COWFA COWFA Box 723, Mzuzu  
Kusamala Kusamala Box 30420, Lilongwe  
Total Land Care (TLC) TLC Box 2440, Lilongwe 01 770 904  
TROCAIRE   Area 3, 01 758 677/ 672. Lilongwe.  
Training Support for Partners (TSP) TSP A12, Kabila strt/178. P/Bag B430,Lilongwe 3  
VSO Malawi   Area 10/587 Behind Pacific Shopping Mall, P/Bag B300, Lilongwe 3  
Water and Environmental Sanitation Network WES-Network P.O. Box 3210, Lilongwe  
Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi WESM Partridge Avenue, P/Bag 578, Limbe  
Eagles Relief and Development Programme International EAGLES Block F, Malawi Posts Corporation  
NASFAM   Box 30716, Lilongwe 3  
Leadership EADSEA LEADSEA P#ZA5491, Mulunguzi, Fishing flies. Off Kamuzu Highway P/Bag 7, Zomba  
Assemblies of God CARE AG CARE Box 1220, Lilongwe.  
Red Cross – Malawi   A14 Box 30094 Lilongwe  
PACT World   Amina Hse, Box 1013, Lilongwe  
Save the Children   P.O. Box 30374 Lilongwe  
Village Link for Climate Change (VILFOCC) Mchinji  
Plan International Malawi   Box 2053, Lilongwe  
Sustainable Rural Community Development Organization (SURCOD) P.O. Box 126, Nsanje  
Centre for Social Concern and Development (CESOCODE) P.O. Box 218, Blantyre  
Centre for Social Concern, Research and Development (CSCRED) P.O. Box 2010, Chikwawa.  
Ukhondo Services Foundation USEF P/Bag17, Karonga  
World Vision International WVI P.O. Box 692, Lilongwe  
Go green   Box 32031, Chichiri Bt 3.  
Action for Environmental Sustainability AFES Box 51621, Limbe  
Sustainable Rural Growth and Development Initiative SRGDI Box 40245, Blantyre  
National Youth Network on Climate Change (NYNCC) NYNCC Box 607, Lilongwe  
Legal Resources Foundation   Private Bag 1, Mchinji  
Forum for Concerned Young People (FOCO-YOPE) FOCO-YOPE Box 40218, Kanengo, Lilongwe  
TWESA in Community Development TWESA Box 35, Karonga  
Green Livelihoods Lilongwe    
Network on Independence Living (NEIL) NEIL P.O. Box 20, Balaka  
Institute of Sustainable Development (ISD) ISD Box 23, Blantyre  
IPERM-A- OUTREACH PERM-A- OUTREACH Box 32154, Chichi, Blantyre 3  
Mangochi orphan education and Training (MOET) MOET P.O Box 328, Mangochi.  
Initiative for climate action and development(ICAD) ICAD P.O Box 328, Mangochi.  


To coordinate civil society organisations and influence a desired change in climate change and disaster risk management-related policies, practices and attitudes through research, advocacy, model projects, networking and capacity building.
A coordinated approach to building climate change resilient communities and ecosystems in Malawi.

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