CISONECC is a network of members with a membership of 65 as of August 2018.

This comprises Local Non Governmental Organizations (LNGOs), International Non Governmental Organizations (INGOs), and Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Networks and Associations. These are autonomous organizations with aspirations related to climate change and disaster risk reduction. As members, they have a unified responsibility to contribute to the achievement of CISONECC objectives through collaborative efforts keeping with the ethos of the network.

Application to CISONECC membership is by filling Application form and Giving two referees (one of which should be CISONECC member). Download the Application Form to apply for CISONECC membership.



To coordinate civil society organisations and influence a desired change in climate change and disaster risk management-related policies, practices and attitudes through research, advocacy, model projects, networking and capacity building.
A coordinated approach to building climate change resilient communities and ecosystems in Malawi.

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