Civil Society Network on Climate Change in collaboration with Trocaire through Resource Rights Program supported by Irish Aid; Care Malawi through GCF-CSOs Readiness Project supported by Care Germany Watch; Action Aid Malawi; VSO Malawi and Oxfam organized a two day workshop to share knowledge and experiences, and enhance collaboration among Civil Society Organizations and Government Institutions and Departments in development of effective resilient building policies from 14th – 15th August, 2018 at Silver Sands Holiday Resort in Salima.

The workshop aimed at sharing knowledge, experiences and enhancing collaboration among network members and government on the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of climate resilient programs, strategies, policies and legislatures in Malawi.The workshop was designed to deepen the understanding of the CSOs on the Government of Malawi Policy, Legislative and Budget Framework and highlight the various windows of opportunities that the CSOs could make use of in order to contribute to such processes. Stakeholders were also sensitized on the renewable energy regulations and standards in Malawi.

The workshop further provided a platform for CSOs to engage with the various Government of Malawi Policy developments and related processes which were underway focusing on the processes leading the meteorological Policy, Disaster Risk Management Bill, the National Disaster Risk Management Communication Strategy (NDRMCS) and the Green Climate Fund Country Protocols.