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Lisa Banda
Lisa Banda works as a Programme officer and is an ardent advocate of climate change and gender.  At CISONECC, she coordinates projects focusing on policy research and advocacy, capacity building and climate change adaptation. She works with youth, women, CSOs, smallholder farmers, Government and other relevant climate practitioners to raise awareness about climate justice and bring to the attention of policy and decision makers the issues affecting people that are most vulnerable to climate change. 
As a Programme Officer, she is currently coordinating three international-donor-funded projects, namely: Supporting Needs Based Adaptation Advocacy (NBAA) in Africa Project; Community-led Planning and Management for Biodiversity Protection and Resilient Communities in the Catchment Area of Lake Chilwa, Malawi Programme; and Enhancing Access and Participation in Climate Change Policy Development and Implementation Project. 

Through out her time at CISONECC she continues to support in resource mobilization for climate action through proposal development; documenting evidence in communities for climate justice advocacy; 

and representing the voices of the people most affected by climate change at regional and international platforms such as Conference of Parties.

In terms of skills, she is an Advocacy Trainer trained by UNICEF; an alumnus of the Nairobi Summer School on Climate Justice; and has been trained in Women Leadership on Climate Adaptation by Ban Ki-Moon Centre for Global Citizens. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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