Stakeholders’ Planning Meeting – Capitalization of the NCCMF with Carbon Levy

CISONECC with financial support from Scottish Government through SCIAF and Trōcaire under the Climate Change Programme Malawi (CCPM) – Climate Justice Advocacy Project (CJAP) conducted a Stakeholder Planning Meeting on Lobbying for the Capitalization of the National Climate Change Fund (NCCMF). The meeting was organized on 26th March, 2021to strategize on supporting the Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources through the Environmental Affairs Department (EAD) in lobbying for capitalization of NCCMF starting with funds from the Carbon tax.

Particularly, the meeting sought to raise awareness on the status of the NCCMF (Capitalization of the Fund) and setup a task force to spearhead the lobbying of the capitalization of the Fund.

Through the meeting, participants’ were appraised on the status of the NCCMF. The major outcome of the meeting was the formulation of the Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee that comprises of representatives from Civil Society, Academia, Media, Youth, Gender and Traditional Leaders who will help to strengthen coordination of stakeholders in lobbying for the capitalization of the NCCMF.

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