Panel Discussion on the Status of the Climate Justice in Malawi

CISONECC, with support from Scottish Government, through SCIAF and Trocaire, under the Climate Challenge Programme Malawi (CCPM), Climate Justice Advocacy Project (CJAP), conducted a panel discussion on the state of Climate Justice in the country. The panel discussion aimed to call for the improvement of the state of climate change adaptation financing in the country. The panel discussion was aired live on Zodiak radio on 31st August, 2020. The panelists included Hannah Siame from the Environmental Affairs Department (EAD), Chris Kambani from the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) and Julius Ng’oma from the CISONECC.

Specifically, the panel discussion aimed to raise awareness of CSOs, Academia, Media, Youth, Government officials, CCPM Partners, and the general public, on Climate Justice. Additionally, the panel discussion was meant to address the state of operationalization of the climate change and natural resource management funding bodies in Malawi. Lastly, the panel discussion aimed to clearly define roles of various stakeholders in climate change management in Malawi.

Through the panel discussion, the general public was made aware of climate justice issues in Malawi, and of the current Climate Change Adaptation Financing interventions in Malawi and their role in climate change management was clearly spelled out. The panel discussion also helped CISONECC to appeal to stakeholders to play a role in climate justice in the country since climate change is violator of human rights. Most importantly, CSOs, Academia and the general public were able to give their recommendations to Government through EAD on the prioritization of food security, environmental conversation and political will in financing of climate change management interventions.