CCPM CJAP Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Visits

CISONECC, with support from Scottish Government through Trocaire and SCIAF has been implementing the Climate Challenge Program Malawi – Climate Justice Advocacy Project (CCPM-CJAP) with the aim of ensuring that Malawi Government puts in place enabling environment to support implementation of community-led climate change adaptation actions. CISONECC conducted Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEAL) visits from 31st August to 4th September, 2020 in the CCPM targeted districts of Balaka, Machinga, Zomba and Chikwawa to review the progress made by the CCPM-CJAP project in achieving its goal and objectives.

The MEAL study specifically sought to assess climate literacy among project participants in the implementation districts based on information provided to them during various CISONECC capacity building activities. It also aimed to assess various interventions by programme partners, project participants and community structures in relation to the Climate Justice Advocacy Project (CJAP).

The study revealed an increase in climate literacy levels for both project participants and programme partners recording literacy rates of 84% and 100% respectively compared to 64% and 100% respectively recorded during a similar study in February 2020. Possible reasons for a recorded increase in percentage was attributed to various advocacy and capacity building engagement meetings that CCPM partners conducted with communities after the initial MEAL study.

During the study, project participants were also able to articulate the impact that the CCPM project has brought in their lives and communities including on how the various climate change related interventions spearheaded by the project are addressing climate change injustices and enhancing community-led climate change adaptation.